Saturday, June 30, 2012

If you have Cats, it isn't your house
How many of you have cats? If you do, then i am sure that you will understand what it is that makes a home no longer your own when they are around. As you can see by my fun little sign here, Cats NEVER serve man. That's just the facts.

Let me take a guess at how you obtained your feline companion. You saw it's cute fuzzy face and could not resist it's cute and oh, so helpless meow? It has the perfect color coat and eyes they scream please take me home? yeah, well this is how we all seem to get sucked in. And though i am sure, as cat lovers (if you are a cat hater, obviously, none of this would apply to you), you adore them from the tip of their heart shaped noses to the tips of their tales. But why!? Why do people fall in love with one of the most independent creatures on this planet? The answer is simple. (at least to us) It is because they are Cats!
But what is is that makes us absolutely insane about them? They mostly ignore us, they sleep roughly 2/3's of its day, and it certainly does not come when you call it, unless of course, there is food to be had. So,why do we insist on loving a creature that, though they love us back, never seems to show it the way the dogs do? Is it the mystery and majesty that surround the feline that make it so attractive? Or perhaps it is a woman thing? (not true by the way, i know tons of men that are feline friendly) Let's touch on some of the things that make cats, well, cats. hitting the a few of the mysteries of the feline species and maybe some nifty (yes, i said nifty) facts about them. (This photo, by the way, looks identical to my middle feline child, Darwin. I will post a picture of my angels as well)

In Ancient Egypt cats were worshiped! They were treated like royalty and even mummified upon their death. As most of us know, the Egyptian's believe in the afterlife and the your possession on earth would go with you to the beyond. If that was the case, why would they not want their pet companions. (i'm sure the mummified dogs too, but we aren't talk about those drooling mutts, are we? ;) ) They would even go as far as shaving their eye brows and go into deep mourning over the loss of their feline friends! Now that is some serious cat-devotion! Maybe they were on to something? Cat-man/woman relationships date far back in history, said to be taken on as companions because of their eagerness to hunt mice. Basically, they proved to be a valuable asset to man. Beautiful and murderous? Sounds like the purr-fect combination of good/evil, beauty/beast to me?

For me, and i have 3 feline children, it's the fact that they are independent. For the most part, cats really don't NEED you. However, if you own one, you know that they do need you, you just need them more. They make me laugh, my 3 are quite the comedians. When i am sad, they know it. When i fall asleep, Poe comes and falls asleep too. At first you are thinking that you bought a pet and that is it, just another pet. No real cat person calls their felines "pets" they are esteemed members of the family, children to the people that have had the pleasure of having a feline companion around. They warm our hearts leaving tiny paw prints that last forever. The mystery and majesty of cats is part of owning one and as you observe your feline friend, you will understand, that is, if you don't already. With that said,(as you can see, i LOVE cats! <3 ) i leave you with a few unusual Feline Facts! Have a Purr-fect day!

Some Unusual Feline Facts

1. Cats can jump up to 5 times its own height in a single bound.
2. Cats can travel at a top speed of approx. 31mph over a short distance.
3. A cat usually has about 12 whiskers on each side.
4. A cat's eye sight is both better and worse than a humans. Better: cats can see in much dimmer lighting and have a wider peripheral view. Worse: cats do not see color as well. ( i am not sure why this is a                            major down fall. I mean how bad could colorblindness really be for a cat?)
                                                         5. A cat's back is extremely flexible because it has up to 53 loosely fitting vertebrae. Humans only have 34.
                                                         6. A cat lover is called an Ailurophilia.
                                                         7. Cat's heartbeats nearly twice as fast as a humans, at 110-140 beats a minute.
                                                         8. Cats do not have sweat glands all over their bodies as humans do. Instead they sweat through their paws.
                                                         9. Cats make about 100 different sounds. dogs only make about 10. Cats almost never meow at other cats mostly to humans. They spit, hiss, and purr at other cats. ( some ever growl. some puff up as well.. like the cartoon image of the cat fresh out of the dryer.)
                                                        10. During the spanish inquisition, cats were condemned as evil and many were burned. Unfortunately, this lead to an explosion of the rat population, which exacerbated the black death. (guess they shouldn't have burned the cats. and furthermore WHO THE HECK DOES THINGS LIKE THAT!?!?!)  
                                                        11. Last one. Cats do not like water. we all know this. But why? Well the fact is that a cats fur is not really water resistant. It does not help to insulate them when it is wet! In other words your feline buddy can't keep warm when it's fur is all wet! ( so if you bathe your feline.. be sure the make him or her nice and extra dry. maybe even leave screened in porch open for him or her to get sun and dry up!)
That's all folks! (as they say in the cartoons! I hope that you enjoyed my kitty facts.)